Photography is Art

A photographer catches in an instant a photograph that could have importance tomorrow. The instant you depress the shutter release button is the defining moment of fine art. Creative photography is a precise knowledge gained from shooting thousands of photographs over many years. I manipulate the medium as long as the original work is strong and will stand alone as an image.


Artistic Visions

My interpretations are there for the viewer to grasp if they can be tantalized into being lured inside my restless visual world. I have attempted to challenge the viewer by alienating them from what is visually comfortable, which I believe should be a prime artistic goal. By making an assault on the viewer’s sensibilities, it disrupts their preconceived notions, making them react. This reaction makes them think. It is the ultimate goal in the creation process.

Artist Statement

Creative control is a vision like a hunt for an elusive image, moving, hiding in a puff of smoke, straining inside your guts trying to get free. There are moments over and over that appear to be sublime that are not. The lens is a brush freely moving in my mind. Its raw kinetic energy runs away with my dream. I’ll never stop the search for the moment you reveal yourself.


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